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TireMoni 2011

There is only one more year to go until the new European law on tyre pressure monitoring systems will become effective requiring tyre pressure monitoring systems for all new passenger cars. As this law will become effective in 2012 we are wondering: why only new vehicles?
What is good for new cars cannot be bad for a faithful used one, can it?

Therefore we are offering electronic tyre pressure monitoring systems for fast and easy retrofit.

Most tyre pressure monitoring systems are measuring inside the tyre – either mounted on the rim or at the valve stem.  TireMoni measures at the valve. The sensor is screwed onto the valve in place of the valve cap and it is best mounted on metal valves for optimal stability.
Now you get a reading of your tyres’ pressures and temperatures inisde the car. Moreover the system will give you a warning when tyre pressure is below lower or above upper limits and those limits are user-defined and can be easily set.

Not only are petrol savings, driving comfort, corner safety, optimum breaking characteristics, winter handling and increased tyre life good arguments – but also the feeling to actively improve ones safety is a good one.


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DCC Technology-Award va a TireMoni

DCC Technology-Award va a TireMoni
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